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Portraying Women Leadership in Water
Alice Bouman - Dentener is the Founding President of the Women for Water Partnership, the leading global network of women' organisations that work on the Gender-Water-Development nexus. During the past 15 years she has been instrumental in raising the profile of women and their organisations in the water sector at large. She created a platform for women's meaningful participation in water governance and pioneered women's empowerment through water projects. Alice is a strong support for women’s development potential, which she refers to as 'so marginally used while it is so desperately needed'.

April 14th, 2014
Vacancy Executive Director

WfWP has a vacancy for an Executive Director. The Executive Director will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the WfWP organization and its operations in accordance with the strategic direction and work plan set by the WfWP Steering Committee (SC).

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April 1st, 2014
WfWP elected a new President

Women for Water Partnership announced today that Mariet Verhoef-Cohen succeeded Founding President Alice Bouman-Dentener as President of the organisation as from 1st April 2014. Mariet was elected by the Women for Water Partnership General Assembly.

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March 22nd, 2014
Gender-Water-Development: the untapped connection
WfWP message on the occasion of World Water Day 2014
Water is the source of life. We depend on it for our well-being and development. With the world population growing and developing at an accelerated pace, meeting the current and future water needs for domestic uses, food, energy, economic activities and healthy ecosystems is one of the prime challenges of our time.
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March 21st, 2014
WfWP co-hosts the Gender, Water and Development Conference in South Africa

The International Conference Gender-Water-Development (GWD): the untapped connection will take place in East London, South Africa on July 7 - 11.

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March 16th, 2014
CSW 58
Women for Water Partnership was proud to support core sponsors, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), Swiss Mission, South African Mission and Mexican Mission to the United Nations at a side event at the Commission for the Status of Women 58 on 11 March 2014.
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March 8th, 2014
Happy International Women’s Day ...and don’t forget the Water!
NetWwater Chair and former WfWP Steering Committee member, Kusum Athukorala spoke for women and water on the occasion of International Women's Day 2014.
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March 8th, 2014
Happy International Women’s Day
But do not forget the water… Water is the source of life. We depend on water for our well-being and development. Not having access to this vital resource severely hampers women in their social and economic development.
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February 5th, 2014
Women, Water and Energy

WfWP President Alice Bouman-Dentener has addressed the interlinkages between water and energy at the annual UN Water conference in Zaragoza. Using the case of Mweteni village in Tanzania, where Tegemeo Women Group plays a central role in achieving water security for all.

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February 5th, 2014
Wilton Park

Wilton Park report on Climate Resilient Agricultural Systems now available. WOFAN has represented Women for Water Partnership in this Wilton Park conference in April 2013 The WOFAN case is referred to on page 9 of the report.

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January 14th, 2014
World Water Day 2014
An announcement of the World Water Day 2014 the main event of which will take place in Tokyo, Japan on 20 and 21 March.There will be many events around the world to celebrate World Water Day 2014. The theme is water and energy.
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January 3rd, 2014
Water for Life Decade
2014 UN-Water Annual International Zaragoza Conference. Preparing for World Water Day 2014: Partnerships for improving water and energy access, efficiency and sustainability. 13-16 January 2014.
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December 5th, 2013
WfWP statement on the occassion of the Closing Ceromony in Mexico
The Closing Ceremony of the 2013 International Year of Water Cooperation is taking place 5-6 December in Mexico City. This ceremony provides a synthesis of the major achievements of the International Year, explores modalities to further foster water cooperation and sets the agenda for the follow-up of the International Year.
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November 20th, 2013
Women leading water diplomacy in Myanmar

Women for Water Partnership  contributed to the Water Security and Peace Dialogue in the Hague on 14 and 15 November 2013. The added value of involving women in grassroots water diplomacy was illustrated through the case of Myanmar where integrated water resources management is rapidly gaining importance.

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November 18th, 2013
WOFAN calls upon women leaders to join forces on sanitation for all

On the occasion of World Toilet Day. Salamatu Garba, Executive Director of the Women Farmers Advancement Network of Nigeria, raises the flag on women's sanitation needs. Speaking from her experience and her heart, she calls upon the women leaders of the world to join forces on providing safety and dignity for the millions of women on our globe that lack basic sanitation facilities.

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November 11th, 2013
Kathy Kelly newly appointed WfWP SC-member forAmericas
The Women for Water Partnership General Assembly has elected Ms. Kathy Kelly as Steering Committee member for Americas of the Women for Water Partnership. On November 11th 2013 President of WfWP Alice Bouman-Dentener congratulated Kathy Kelly.
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November 4th, 2013
Second Global Soil Week “ Loosing Ground”, Berlin
Women for Water Partnership was invited by IASS to participate in the Global Soil Week in Berlin that brought together 550 participants from around the world.  Scientists, farmers, policy makers, civil society representatives and development agencies debated the quality of soil, its importance for sustainable development and its position in the water-food-energy.
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October 22nd, 2013
Partnerships for sustainable development
Halle Snavely, as part of her Post Graduate work at Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) at Sciences Po, Paris researched the role of partnerships and how they contribute to sustainable development. The paper gives an overview of strategic partnerships and their importance for Sustainable Development. It particularly analyses power imbalances among stakeholders and how they affect the functioning of partnerships.
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October 20th, 2013
The Outcome Document of the High Level International Conference on Water Cooperation, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, August 2013
Outcome document of the High Level International Conference on Water Cooperation available. Women for Water Partnership was member of the International Steering Committee and organising partner, responsible for the Gender Forum and the High Level Pane 5 on gender. The outcomes are included in the report on pages 12 and 18.
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